In your 20s

I’m not in my 20s. What I can tell you is that I thought I was healthy. I had no idea that some of the things that have just always been part of my life were indicators of genetic and environmental health problems.

So if you think you are young and healthy so you can ignore the stay at home order, you might be dead wrong. Young people are starting to get sick and even die. We’re finding out the numbers from other countries may be false. If they hid that a lot of young people died, are you cool with just taking that chance? Do you trust a foreign country’s marketing spin with your life?

At this point we know very little about corona. We don’t know what it does long term. If you’ve been a carrier without symptoms, will it affect your future children? Will it alter your ability to have children?

You may say, but the world is overpopulated etc. The world is radically changing and over time our views may change. We may have a sudden drop in population. You may have good genetics that are important to pass on.

You just don’t know. Don’t take chances with this. Stay home. Do the quarantine.




I think about this a lot. People have a tough time acknowledging that side affects can still come and byte (haha pun) you.


Relative to older people, though, those of us in our 20s are way more likely to survive. Numbers from other countries may be skewed, but you also have to think about how their governments responded to the crisis: Early intervention is key in keeping healthcare services from being overwhelmed. In this case, the fatality in our age group would be minuscule.

With that said, I think people in our age group also feel like they’re invincible - that they’re never going to catch the disease. That is simply not true; no one is immune to it upon first exposure. They’re just less likely to die, given proper treatment. Even then, they’re still flooding the hospitals to get the treatment, diverting resources from the elderly.


It isn’t the elderly necessarily. People in their 40s and 50s. That is not really old. Many people in that age range are extreme valuable to our society. All important doctors I know are over 40. I want someone to help me beat cancer who is the best. Not someone fresh out of school in a rush because their older peers have suddenly died off. My best friend had cancer the first time at 17. So all people of all ages are valuable. We have to think beyond our own immediate wants and desires. We have to think of our future need and of greater society.

I’m going to be incredibly sad if the chocolate farmers suffer huge losses and I no longer can get my favorite food. Selfish? Yes and no. We all depend on each other. If I get sick, the chocolate farmers can’t sell me their product.

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I’m not saying those in their 40s aren’t useful or that they aren’t going to die either. In many hospitals, the elderly are being deprioritized because of their lower chances of survival and the alarmingly increasing rates of supply shortage. Your original topic was about people in our 20s, so I didn’t address those in their 40s and 50s.

We are arguing for the same point, I’m not disagreeing.


i am not there yet :pleading_face:

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I assume stonks does not need oxygen, fatal human flaw.