In what ways should v2 be different from V***?

Any thoughts or ideas on how v2 could distance itself from Vine, while at the same time, keeping the core experience of what Vine was, alive?

I was thinking of a better approach to dealing with advertisments and the “popular viners”.


I think what I loved so much about vine was the “little guys” that participated in the app. I think ensuring a community that’s welcoming to all people and all forms of video will allow the app to evolve into its best form. It’s tough to figure out how to ensure that type of community though


Ways enough that is doesn’t get in trouble by Twitter :shushing_face:

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jennn you’re bumping ancient topics

Yeah I am also helping some, especially the question about the apple version, (9.3.3)

I think the videos should be maybe seven seconds long instead of six. I know it isn’t much longer but it would help me and maybe others. Also, they should experiment with 60 fps.

Maybe that people in V2 have more opportunities to show they creativity and they “art”, that all the post ( of course appropriate) could have the same reach as others…

Opposed to YouTube, which tends to “trend” the popular artists, I think it would be nice if v2 somehow had a system that would trend the truly entertaining/funny videos. Like those random vines we still quote, but never really heard from the “viner” again. I don’t know exactly how it could work, but I think not only “trending” or “promoting” big artists would keep people interested in the app.


I think that if V2 can somehow make it so that those on the top and the bottom are equally able to be seen would make V2 a standout more so than vine

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