In terms of funding

If you show investors the demand for the app and what u plan to with it and how u can get the app to make money maybe you can get those people to invest in it. Just a thought.

Or even starting a Kickstarter. I promise u we will help fund it.


hi love, there are loads of threads talking about this, just a heads up.

and there are legal issues with, as well as we will be needing Dom’s approval to fundraise and to find investors, otherwise a lot of us (like me lol) would’ve already been on it


If you show investors how much excitement and hype there is (was), it would certainly help get people on board!


I think the issue is with v2 name legal issues. Someone had brought it up where v2 fake app literally copyrighted and trademarked the name before dom did. so kinda bad thinking on his part in coming up with the name but not trademarking it… if not we would have the app :frowning:

But v2 wasn’t the name of the app. It was just a placeholder name.


I agree completely

I don’t think investing in v2 would to be too smart. It would be fine for a multi-millionaire investor, however when you step back, the demand isn’t too high. I think the forums recently hit 10,000 people? Investing is about inputting money into something, in return for more money. If v2 were to use the traditional advertising method of monetization, it wouldn’t have made too much money, even with 10,000 people. Even 20,000 people wouldn’t be enough. V2 videos would be a lot shorter than youtube videos, so advertisers won’t pay as much, especially since the app is new. If a youtube video only got 10,000 views, it would make hardly no money, especially after the 60% - 40% split.