In app text feature preview displaying incorrectly

The text feature isnt as previewed, but it seemed a little different in my case than the other thread. I was only using one on my most recent byte, but when I uploaded it, the text wasnt in the same location or spacing as it was previewed (in both instances, the text was moved down about half the length of the frame, and the line breaks were all different. It also just looks a little different than they normally do) I am on the most updated beta version (galaxy s9)


I recreated it a third time and took screen shots

This is what it looks like posted:

But this is what it looked like in creation:

(Not sure if its relevant but that error does pop up)

Thanks for the report! I’ve added this to our roadmap to investigate. We really appreciate the screenshots :slight_smile:

Did the linebreaks in the preview match how it looked when you were originally typing the text?


In this instance, the posted one looked like it did in the typing preview, not the final preview.

In one where I edited it for the typing preview to look correct, it ended up looking even weirder. Hold on I can get more screenshots

Apologies if anyone on byte saw my senseless spam hahaha

Okay I did three goes with what I thought would be the most helpful background

ROUND 1: I didnt resize, manually break, or anything.
Heres text preview:

Heres video preview:

Heres posted video:

Round two, I resized but didnt manually break (same thing I did in most of my earlier trials; oddly the text didnt get pulled down like last time at all… idk why)

The last round, I manually broke it, resized it, ect. (Hopefully self explanatory)

Lmk if you want anything else (OH and that error did pop up every time, I just didn’t want that many scree shots)

I had a similar but slightly different issue with text preview differing from post. For me the placement of the text was correct but the spacing was off. In the preview I manually broke the text up and indented the second line to line up with the others, but when I posted it undid the 5 spaces and thus the second line went off screen (seen below). Not a major issue but just thought I’d post in case it was helpful somehow :woman_shrugging:


Are you on ios or android?


I’m actually experiencing this as well. I had an older topic about using it for the first time and how I had issues with it. But yea. At first, it all went to the middle but at the second attempt (until today) it changes the alignment and the sizes of the text

To back up my experience, here are pictures from a byte that I did today.

Exhibit A: the preview where I have set everything nice and neat

Exhibit B: The actual byte

Other info: I use an Android phone, Vivo 1716 to be specific. It’s not actually a huge deal for me, but yea irdk as well