In-App Moderators?

Who thinks having In-App community moderators on V2 would be good? I saw @dom said on twitter that he wanted to keep the community clean and positive. So the head staff of V2 could choose active members of the community to be moderators which then have the ability to delete… bad stuff? :stuck_out_tongue:

Just a thought :slight_smile:

Are you talking about the app or this forum?

Currently there is a promotion process for added trust level:

More information about the forum here:

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And this comment by Dom talks about app moderation too

for in app moderators, we (the community) really has no clue what is going to be done. but we do know that dom plans on creating a forum to connect artists (content creators) to the staff directly.

so that is one good step towards cleaning out the community :grin:

As long as everyone participates by using the flag system and doesn’t create false reports, most of the bad content can be filtered out.

I was talking about the app not the forum :slight_smile:

Then @Tsouth21 got you covered with what is known on that.

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Thanks Tsouth21 :slight_smile:

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and me, cough cough

I’m sorry! Taylor linked is what I meant :wink:

No problem :slight_smile: happy to help out

Yup good thoughts. I’ve gone ahead an closed this topic out as it’s very similar to pre-existing topics. Be sure to search and browse the threads to ensure you aren’t creating a duplicate topic thread. Check out Forum Moderators and for more detailed info Forum FAQ/ Details. Thanks @BratKneeD for the links.