In app editing software

Ok. What if you can add songs, trim, cut, etc. all in the app so you don’t have to edit using another app??


I eventually preferred using an outside app for Vining, so the possibility of robust in-app editing sounds interesting.


I think that sounds like a good idea, having everything including basic editing all in one place.


Granted we get to use sound effects and songs without any red flags, it could be a game changer

i like this idea a lot. when making old content on Vine, i used third party apps, as it was easier. seeing in-app functions like this is would be good, that being said, would that make v2 take up more storage?
that question is for anyone…

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Storage would definitely be a problem for someone with a less capacitated smartphone; but I definitely am thinking maybe V2 features cloud storage somehow…

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thank you, and oh i dig that.

i think the adding music is a big component to making v2 editing better definitely… third party apps are great and all for better quality edits and so, but not everyone is looking for that…

It’s a convenience factor as well; nobody wants to go to an app and get sub-par quality from their best efforts

Love the idea, vine is supposed to be a “6 second video platform” and that sounds fly simple but recording and editing on different apps barely ever worked for me back in the day for just making a 6 second video UK what I mean? Adding an in-editing feature would rly bring many ex viners who had given up back!

that’s honestly a really good idea. even if the editing software just trimmed and cut clips that would be super useful.

I like it better if it only trims and cut. Keep the app light not heavy.

Yes, I agree we should have some simple editing tools within the app, like what you stated. I feel as if it should be very simple with just simple tools, because then I feel like it would just be a bit too much. There’s full on editing apps out there for special effects and such, so I think it would be best to, like I said before, keep it plain and simple.

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