In app editing (newer edition)

Hi. 2 years ago I made this post In app editing: bad idea

fuck this post

pls bring in app editing i for the life of me can’t get my phone videos to my computer to edit.
at least let us add text or face filters or cut down each video.

maybe even filters or whatever but that’s up to you

no seriously pls bring in app editing to byte there’s only so much I can do with zooming into my face being the punchline of every byte i make

thank you for coming to my ted talk


haha “fuck this post”

we’re definitely on the same page and are working on editing stuff. you’ll see these trickle in over the next few months. in the mean time you can use apps like videoleap, videoshop, i know there’s others as well


wow thank you for replying!
hope you’re having a good day :partying_face:


Or if you wanna get advanced with pc editing premier or premier rush on mobile? :eyes:

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