In-app drafts?

I personally rarely use the byte editor as I just import my pre-edited videos, however I would imagine people who use the built in camera + editor would find it nice to be able to revisit certain drafts and maybe add, remove or change the music (when byte beats is released) to their bytes!

It’s very possible this feature may already be in the works or already mentioned in the forums but I haven’t heard of it. Creators! Let me know if this idea interests you and how you would apply it to your process! I would probably use it to store videos for a fast upload!


Coming :slight_smile: I really want it too.


Looking forward to this bc I dont use the in app camera much for that reason and also I like to edit a little more sometimes. Also it’d make it possible for people who use it to film videos in app that are time lapse or take a while.

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