In-app clip rearrangement?

The ability to rearrange and trim clips in-app was one of the things that made Vine so wonderfully fun to use, and for those of us who do back-and-forth as different personas, a real time-saver what with costume changes and all. Is this in the pipeline for across-the-board use? I’m talking about in-app-created clips, btw.

(PS: I suppose it’s possible it already works this way on iPhones and I’m simply unaware of it.)


This is not a feature on iPhones either. The team is waiting to work on video editing features because they are focused on making a better content consumption experience.

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Good luck to them, though it seems to me that such basic video editing features would improve the content itself, thus making for a better content consumption experience all around.

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Great thread, especially with what you’re asking for.


Thanks, that sounds hopeful.