Improvements for the V2 Camera

What are some things you guys would like implemented in the V2 camera? I think it would be cool to add a lot more features like filters, playback options, sound edits, and other things similar to that that could help people on V2 create more unique and expressive videos.

Dom Hofmann already confirmed on his twitter that there will be no filters, face filters, or geo filters

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i agree with not having all those face filters and geo tags and blah whatever’s.

I know the original “app that won’t be named” had a very basic camera input setup. And then those “jerks I wanna throw bricks at” added the clip editor and made things way easier. I hope there’s some kind of editor in v2.

I also have a thing for being able to being able to touch the screen anywhere as opposed to having to hit a specific target to commence recording.

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