Improve your Craft & Skills and Boost your Growth

hey everyone!

as everyone is awaiting V2’s arrival and such i wanted to share with you guys a site called skillshare! skillshare is an online education site where you can learn a wide variety of things!

i think the lot of you would be most interested in their courses covering

  • photo editing
  • video editing
  • filming
  • building a brand
  • and gaining influence online

there is tons more on there, such as art courses and even digital art, etc. if you’re looking to improve your craft or even just refine them, definitely check this place out. i’ve spent a ton of time on that site lmfao and the courses are actually good!

but yeah, these should definitely help anyone interested in creating quality content for V2 or any other platform for that matter.

if you use my link, you’ll get two months free which honestly could be all you need if you take advantage of it!

just click this

you also don’t have to use my code lmfao, the only thing is that you’d only get one month free instead of two

so yeah! wanted to share that with you all!

hope you enjoy :metal:


Thanks so much! I’ll definitely have to check this out

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no problem at all! :sunflower:

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Thanks! This is gonna do me gud

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hahaha for sure :metal::metal:

Thanks for the invite!, I’ve heard so much from SkillShare!!

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you’re very welcome! it really is great! i love that classes are fairly short and get straight to the point rather than adding a ton of fluff for no reason

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sounds great might try it some day!

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Props to you for sharing this with everyone! It’ll definitely benefit people

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thank you! and i really hope it does :sunflower: