Improve my mix page

Idk if anybody else brought this up but I think It would be cool if we were able to follow hashtags (Just like how Instagram allows you to). I think this would also help improve the mymix page to because it would pick the best bytes that used the tag that you followed. Let me know what y’all think.


Hmm how do you determine which ones are “best”
I think the idea has potential but I’m also workin worried veggi because hashtags are getting abused alot

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Each time a post gets a like, comment or a follow the longer it gets to be on people’s mix pages. However, when the post stop getting engagement it gets taken off of the mix page until their is another wave of people that could’ve stubble across the byte. Something like that I was think about.


Yeah Following hashtags or topics like twitter would better help make the app more personalized I feel like.