Importing from computer?

Remembering back to Vine, uploading was possible through a desktop/laptop instead of a mobile device. Will this be possible with v2?


Agreed …That would be dope if V2 has a dedicated website as well where you can do all the same things as the APP

everything is possible

it’s not on the immediate roadmap but we can look into it in the future if it’s something artists would like to see


@dom I personally think and I’m sure others do as well, it will open up a lot more opportunities for people that might want to make “looping” videos. As well as bring in many more people that would like to edit their video to perfection. But quick question on behalf of any person or people, if anyone has any app ideas are you willing to take them into consideration and elaborating on them together?

as in a separate app, or ideas for v2?


I did not make it clear, I apologize. Although I meant bringing in ideas for V2, another app idea sounds good as well. Obviously shown previously your work can do VERY well depending on how it’s promoted, worked on, and the people who use it. But I generally meant for V2, yes.