Importing edited videos to byte

So I Don’t know if this was done in the original Vine (in probably was), but would there be a easy way to import content into the V2 app in the future when it comes out just a though


I’m pretty sure the original Vine app allowed you to import videos from your devices Camera Roll. I would LOVE this feature return because on Vine, I would create edits on my laptop and would transfer them to my phone to import them to the app. Feature would be great for a lot of editors such as me. :grin:


Yes I completely agree that’s what I would do

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yeah v2 is going to let creators allow people import videos from camera roll to v2 and the way i know
last month in December i saw a post that a guy tweet to dom and the guy say something about letting creators letting import videos to v2 and dom just say “yes”


yes agreed a import feature and very important and needed for editors in V2 to succeed


this will be in v2


@dom Thank you very much!

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thanks for this question man

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Editing outside with an upload process into V2 also allows for a leaner V2 app. Less internal editing will more than likely mean that the app is smaller, more stable, and easier to use.

yay! Excited to hear that we will be able to upload. Will people be frowned upon if they edit videos with a camera, edit them on a computer, and THEN upload them to byte? Do you prefer people only use bytes camera or do you not care as long as people are being original and uploading good quality content?

That’d be amazing! Especially for audio overlays. (Ex: music or voiceover in the background)

so we can edit vids

@dom Please tell me I can select audio from my device and the audio beat detection function that was in Vine will be included in v2.

it’s called byte, broski

I know. I referred to it as v2 because dom did. But now I see his comment was from Jan.