Important features for Sounds

I think some of these are already confirmed.

While browsing byte:

  1. See the original creator of the sound and all videos using the sound. :white_check_mark:
  2. Ability to save sound to use later.
  3. A way to browse your saved sounds. Ideally this should be grouped with other things you should be able to save on byte under your profile (bytes, effects, sounds, channels, hashtags)
  4. In the long run, byte should automatically detect and group similar sounds for better organization.

Before recording:

  1. Pick the sound you want. :white_check_mark:
  2. Clip when the sound begins while recording.
  3. Search your saved sounds.
  4. Browse and discover new sounds and hopefully in the future copyrighted music.

After recording:

  1. If you haven’t picked a sound before you can still do so.
  2. Control the audio levels of the original audio and the sound you used.
  3. If you picked a song before recording, you can switch it out for another sound after recording the video.
  4. Still be able to clip when the sound begins.
  5. Add a voiceover to the sound.

Before Posting:

  1. Name & add cover for the original sound (confirmed by dom) :white_check_mark:
  2. Toggle the ability for others to use your sound (also confirmed) :white_check_mark:

After posting:

  1. Go back and edit the name, cover, and ability for people to use your sounds. And hopefully be able to edit other things too like the caption. :white_check_mark:

Did I miss anything? Thoughts?


well said my friend

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