iMessage Extension

I think there should be an iMessage extension bundled with the app that would make it easy to share “vines” with their friends. This app would also allow the video to loop when sent over text and will count the loops to update the loop count.


That’s a great idea :bulb: I think it would be very useful and a great way to share content

omg yes that would be awesome

I thought that would be a cool idea as well. Kind of like sharing GIFs. Though I’m not sure how much v2 would be able to carry that out on their end. Apple would most likely have to implement something.

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fantastic idea

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would love to see this

I know I always share tweets with friends that don’t have Twitter via iMessage, so I can totally see how something like this could work with V2. Awesome idea :relaxed:

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That is such a cool idea, it would be great to share stuff with my friends!

Maybe a copy link button?


this could work but you would need to make sure the vine is played correctly in iMessage.


@Dom what do you think?

Oooo this is a must!

My one question is: Would this be an app like the iMessage apps or something else

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this is awesome

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I think it should be any messaging tool but yeah, this would be a perfect way to share this

I would love to share my content to my friends so I def. think there should be an iMessage extension !

I meant copy the link to the video itself and send it, then the person can press it and it opens in app or browser

would that be an apple thing?

I totally agree!

Yes ! I am one of these people how send gifs on Imessage, i think we could even developpe a gif idea here