Imagine telling a black person that they're wrong about racism

Like, the caucacity :skull:


JAJJASDJNA i remember this girl at my school said it wasn’t racist when she put pens in my hair

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Is this a new byte channel?

/imaginetellingablackpersonthattheyrewrongaboutracism :flushed:


None of what you said happened :face_with_raised_eyebrow: except that it did and you don’t think it is what we said cause ur privilege allows y to :skull:

LMFAOOoooOOO some white people think they have the power to say it don’t exist. girl bye i don’t appreciate it

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Open invitation to continue the conversation here but instead of more racial gaslighting like your 2 last bibles maybe listen to the black people and keep quiet? Ok thx.

Also active misgender ain’t a good look either consider that u have a transphobe there :skull:

HELPPPP ion think we wanna do that omg

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They don’t bc they gotta keep the smokescreens going for they’re toxic positivity :sob:

But anyways we clowns for thinking white people will make sense😍

yeah :heart_eyes:

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last time i get to re-categorize :broken_heart: #export4lyfe


BYE AHAHHAHA (sentence)

love being an export main


I was counting on this being dead by the time I woke up so I wouldn’t have to deal with more racial gaslighting from yt people but here we are ig💀

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Best to leave the people who racially gaslit you behind. I don’t know the full context of the situation, but assuming you’re right here, you’re still giving them more attention and time out of your life, letting them eat up more of what already wasn’t theirs to begin with, and making your angrier. I can’t exactly say to let it go, because that’s not what should be done, but leave the people who just make life harder behind, if you can, and continue on your own path that’ll actually be fulfilling to you (assuming civil discussion and stuff has been had and y’all understand each others’ POVs.)

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It dosent really make me angry but it’s hard to move on from something like racial gaslighting specially if it’s my 1st experience with it, and it’s not like it happened 5 months ago it was last week, but I do admit that I’ll have to move on someday💀

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