Imagine making a Billauckland topic

Well, you don’t have to imagine anymore because here it is!!
Billauckland by now is very known amongst the forums for being an epic topic creator. He never fails to start interesting conversation and show off the diversity of the forums without creating trouble between the members. None of us would be active users without topics to read or comment on. I know that’s true for me! Overall huge thank you to @plushbeats. Don’t stop keeping the forums fun and active!!
P.s I know he says he is here for “business” and not the friends, but I know he has made a few :wink:


Bill is a good and very nice and encouraging guy. You’re right, many people wouldn’t even be active on here if it wasn’t for Bill and his curious mind. :sunglasses:


I like @plushbeats as well! Super encouraging and always wants to give a helping hand and great advice :smile:


Billauckland is awesome. he always makes thought-provoking topics that get the community engaged


Although he creates A LOT of topics, I don’t have a problem with them as they’re creative, thought provoking and productive. Keep it up Bill!