I'm young I'm sorry ( this is a serious post for once)

Hi peeps I’m sorry for being born in 2006 my bad if I could grow up I would but just because I’m 14 doesn’t mean people get to discredit me or try and silence me with my age or try and make it seem like it’s bad to be my age. I’ve noticed a lot of people doing that not just on here or byte but in general it’s not a great feeling and I know a lot of kids could relate to this but I’m just like asking if you happen to be someone who does that to someone of the younger age could you not do that anymore. My age doesn’t determine how mature I am or how much knowledge I know thanks that’s all I wanted to say


I’m a similar age to you, i just simply never really mention my age online because: 1st i don’t want weird people DMing me, and 2nd: I simultaneously avoid people talking down on me because of my age

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II’m not talking about just online I’m talking about in real life too but ya know I’ll start doing that

Yeah it annoys me when people do that. People give way too much attention to age. That includes adults discrediting kids and kids making fun of adults. Just be nice and treat each other like people


I’ve been in the same spot. Like cube said, just treat people like people. And try and give the benefit of the doubt at first.


I’m sorry you’ve been discredited bc of that :confused: I remember being that age and feeling dismissed by adults when I wanted to speak on important topics. Honestly anyone who wants to talk about something or an issue deserves respect and to be listened to.

I know looking back, a lot of my opinions have changed, but I also wish adults had been more willing to talk to me at a younger age about topics I was interested in and listen to me too.


This is common, we’ve all been there. Kids/teens today are much more aware and informed than kids/teens back when I was one, so I definitely take that into account when talking to teens. But there’s also a reality that you guys need to be aware off: We as adults ALL felt that we had all the answers and all the knowledge at that age. And then as we grew up we started realizing just how much really depends on having more experience with life and stuff.

That’s why a lot of adults discredit teens automatically. We know that teens are in that perfect spot between knowing a lot and not being aware of how much they don’t know. Just as how adults discredit teens, most of the times teens also discredit adults.

Eventually, those same teens realize that a lot of the things they discredited where actually right. And the same should happen with adults realizing that teens have valid claims and points to make a lot of the times.