I'm taking a byte break

Hey everyone,

[god damnit this turned out to be kinda long]

I’ve decided to take some time away from making videos.

I joined the Beta almost a year ago, in September, while I was trying to get my YouTube channel off the ground. At the time I was also pursuing acting and going out for auditions. In January, I decided to let go of my agent and put all of my creative efforts into making videos on Byte. I felt that trying to do both acting (auditions, classes, etc.) and videos at the same time left me feeling depleted and like I was only giving 50% to both.

Ever since I was a little kid, I’ve wanted to be an actor. The reason I chose to go hard on Byte instead of acting in January was twofold. First, I felt that creating my own work online would be a more feasible route into the acting world, kinda like Andy Samberg or Donald Glover. I could get myself out there, build a following, and make connections, rather than just waiting around for auditions. The second was that perhaps I would find along the way that I liked being a content creator, and that I could perhaps one day make a career out of creating sketch comedy, rather than solely acting.

For now at least, I don’t feel that either of these reasons for pursuing Byte have panned out the way I had hoped. I don’t think creating videos on Byte and other platforms at this rate will actually lead to success in the acting world. And as far as striving to be a content creator as a career, I don’t even see myself wanting to have millions of followers. I feel like I could slowly get to that point and end up feeling more-or-less the way I feel now, which is not particularly passionate or challenged by the goal of creating a lot of disparate sketches every week.

And just to be clear, I don’t mean ‘challenged’ in the sense that things have not been difficult. They have been. Like many others, I have experienced hardcore byters block, struggled with Byte’s identity crisis, its changes in format, and overall just coming up with new ideas that I think are genuinely funny and I want to share. I’ve filmed many bytes that I just don’t end up sharing because I think they’re stupid haha. What I mean by not feeling challenged is that I don’t feel as though I am growing as an artist or comedian from following the same routine every day of churning out new ideas.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how I want to spend my time and where I want to be, and if I want to be an actor, that’s where I should be putting the bulk of my time. I may resume work on a feature film I had been writing as well… Things are a little up in the air now. I just know that I need a break from Byte. This isn’t goodbye forever, but I just wanted to give some context as to why you’ll be seeing less of me now.

I ALSO want to stress how much this community means to me. I have never felt this much encouragement and love from another app before. I have made so many wonderful friends and connections here that I will carry with me the rest of my life. The team as well, I am especially grateful for. I’ve never been paid to make content before, and it beats the hell out of waiting tables. Thank you thank you thank you for all you have done for me.

I will be around!


Man. I feel for ya, Kevin. You’re an absolute treasure and I wish you nothing but the best during this break. Clear your head, take some time, do what you gotta do. Take care!


Good luck, Kevin.
We’ll miss you whilst you’re gone, but know that all of us here (and I’m including the other folks who’ve chosen to pursue things outside of byte too/step away) are rooting for you.
Let us know when and where we have to look for you!


Kevin, you’re a comedy LEGEND!

You’ve inspired so many creators and made so many people laugh daily! The byte family will miss you, and we will all be awaiting your return.

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We’ll miss ya Kevin. Things didn’t pan out the way you wanted, but you for sure made a big impact on this app whether it was by making people laugh or just inspiring others. Really hope you make it in the acting field cuz man you deserve it. Good luck on your future endeavors!


You’re such a huge part of byte and I wish you only the best!
Go after your dreams and it will be sad to not see you as often, but at least we know you’ll be around.
Good luck!!

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congratulations on your new beginnings and good luck in acting! That’s so cool! It’s an exciting time for you and u will definitely be missed I loved all your videos always makin me laugh :grin: thank you for being awesome and I’m glade even tho it wasn’t a lot I got to see part of your journey


This really feels very bitter sweet.
Best of broken legs to you, thanks for being a great creator. I get what you mean on a much smaller level, whenever I was in one my my high school shows I slowed down on byte.

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I wish you luck on your acting journey!! I know (at least in Canada) major film production is starting to resume again in September, so this is a perfect time for you to focus on finding some acting roles and beefing up your reel!

I believe in you!


I hope your able to find some peace whilst your away & make some decisions that are right for you.
You will be missed your such a positive influence on byte.

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Damn this is one ambitious 15 year old. Good luck, kid


Damn dude, foreal foreal i’ve looked up to you since I joined the platform. You were a source of my inspiration and you made me wanna Improve my content. Sad to hear you leave for now but I put mental health and clarity over everything so im happy that you’re taking this next step. I hope you figure everything out. Awaiting your return man. Just waiting​:100::100:


Best wishes to you my friend. You will be missed but I can’t wait to see you on the big screen.

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Kevin, I am so glad to have met you. Ever since I saw your snow angel sketch I followed you and you’ve been making me laugh out loud ever since. More than that, I got the opportunity to chat with you on a lot of occasions and it’s always a pleasure. You truly are a funny person and you know how to enrich the life experience with humor instead of distract. You have also been extremely encouraging to me when I’ve hit roadblocks and have talked me through it even though I’m sure my anger and frustration was annoying. You didn’t have to take the time to do that, but you did, and I appreciate that shit forever. It shows you’re an actual real person and not just another person acting positive for clout. Byte couldn’t have been more blessed to have you, you are ‘The King of Comedy’ and not in a Rupert Pupkin kind of way lol but a genuine way. You truly do have great acting talent and that’s super obvious to me. I would LOVE to see the stuff you work on in future and I want that feature film like right now. I always wanted to do something like acting or voice acting but its just not been a viable option in the cards for me, so it makes me happy when I see other people being able to pursue their true goals in acting. So much has happened in my life lately that reminds me life is too short. So I’m glad you are going to pursue what you love with full force now. Keep us updated on how it goes & we’ll be there for ya through the successes and failures. We’ll hold down the fort for ya :heart:


Hard to articulate how sad this makes me


Love you, man. You’ve been one of my main inspirations since day one. I count myself blessed to have gotten to interact and talk with you over the past 6 months. Byte is a better place for having you, and I cannot wait to see what life has in store for you. This makes me sad, but the world needs your kindness, enthusiasm, and humor.

Also you could chisel marble with that bone structure, good lord.

Hope our paths in the real world cross one day. You are a king!


This was strangely articulate for a 15 year old…


Hi Kevin,

While I’m sad to hear that you’re stepping away from Byte, I totally understand. You need to pursue your dream. I knew you’d do very well on Byte when I saw your early videos during the beta. You have an incredible gift for comedy and talent for acting. That’s why I know you’ll achieve the success you deserve, and I can’t wait to see you in some major film someday so I can say “Hey, I know that guy, he used to be my neighbor!”

And now a pithy quote from Henry David Thoreau:

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you’ve imagined.”


best of luck kevin❤️


I wish you nothing but the best for your future directions. Take as long of a break as you need! You’re gonna be missed v badly, but I promise your return will be spectacular and treated as a return of a legend :purple_heart: