I'm Scared for School to come back

Hey guys, I didn’t know who to talk to about this so I’ve decided to come to the forums about it. Quarantine has done a lot to my life and It’s hit me that I’m going back to school and if I’m going too be honest, I’m scared. I’m scared of what people are going to think about me when we go back to high school, considering the fact that I came out and became an entirely different person over the break I’ve had from school. I feel like people have already talked about me being different behind my back a lot, but now I feel as if it’s going to be worse since I came out as gay.


Don’t worry! Your truly friends will always support you no matter who you are and will always protect you.
Also don’t care about people talking behind your back because it’s worthless but rather care about yourself and people who are important to you
Good luck on going back to high school and have fun! :partying_face::hugs:


the school will be in-person, online, or hybrid?

don’t worry about what others say about you, instead of focus on passing and/or graduating; most of the students you go school with you won’t see them again e.g. when you graduate, go to college for a fresh start, and move on with your life with big and better things. this is just temporary, but im here you need anything Geds, :innocent: