I'm Having a HUGE Channel(s) REVAMP! (July 1st)

It’s official GUYS! I’m having a HUGE Channel Revamp on the 1ST OF JULY 2020!
He’s the information you need to know! You don’t KNOW what I have been working on… :smiley:

Everything that I will be changing will be…
For IG AND some for Twitter + byte

My Username
Title (content creator)
Profile picture (professional)
A new cool logo to go with the profile pic

New email for enquiries

Deleting my old posts/ pics from 2018- early 19

Removing inactive/ unnecessary followers/ followings.

New videos/ comedy compilations to IGTV very soon! / Deleting old IGTV videos
I will be UN-LISTING A LOT of videos on my YOUTUBE CHANNEL and I will be changing everything on there too!

I’m moving and creating on NEW platforms! Information on 1st July!
Becoming more engaging w/ my audience!

I’m pretty sure there’s more but there’s so much info I might of forgotten a lot :joy: (I’ll keep you posted)
I’m gonna be a full on content creator now so I CANNOT wait for the future and what it holds in store for me!!

Thank You!
-Nathan J