I'm a new artist. Will you follow me on V2. I'll follow you back

Here’s a recent live performance and a cover I did :grin:

I’m curious to hear your thoughts on my music and to hear your music as well if you’re an artist!


I’ll definitely follow you! I don’t make music though

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Of course! I’m always glad to follow musicians

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dope 8char

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Yassss can’t wait to see what you post on V2!!

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v2 is not even out yet :joy:


Cool bro!! I’ll follow back :muscle:

I know but I think it’s a good idea to already start meeting people and making connections

That’s okay :slight_smile: I want to connect with all people. I just love people. Thank you so much. I’ll follow you back

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Thanks!! :grin:

Thank you buddy :slight_smile: I will follow you back also!! :metal:

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Sure, What name are you going to have in V2?

Well mine will be @TheKingHusker.