I have returned from banishment, and I am glad to say in full force babayyyy!!

I know a lot of you are probably new and don’t know me but if there are any #OGs in here like Kaden and Jessica LMK! I’m hype.


Lol did you get banned? Where did you go?

Hellooooooooooooooooo welcome back tho hahah

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I did hahahaha. I reached out to admins though and found out it was a bug and I just got to find it.


If you meant Jessica as in Jennifer then I am here, I never met a jessica @Jessica

I don’t know who you are but welcome back to this alternate reality known as the V2 Forums

He probably meant you

Feel attacked, my sister’s name is Jessica.

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Well… I can hug you if you want?

Welcome!! Why did you was banned?

Welcome back!!

:basketball: welcome back

DANG IT I WAS GONNA MAKE A POST SAYING THE SAME THING (but it was gone be I’m back from my hiatus not being banned)

Lol, well i got you man

Nah I remember @ nexfliting, how could I forget lol. Missing out, we launched earlier today and are already doing great numbers. I also see you’ve leveled up a good bit.

But I swear there was a Jessica.

Whats uuuuuup!!

LOL! No, you got banned for a reason, it wasn’t a mistake. I was there when it happened.

welcomeee backkkkk

hey i was mentioned yay