If You Were To Make a Bill Auckland Post

how would it go? (extra points if it’s funny)


i don’t know how it would go because i don’t have a creative mind compared to you :joy:

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Idk actually the amount of posts you make are insane I can’t keep track

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woman crush wednesday: wednesday from the addams family


how do you hide corpses

how do you? I put them underneath the cemetery where my dad died so people already think they’re dead but t o g e t h e r


Something like ‘I Hacked The Government’, ‘I Stole An Alien From Area 51’ or ‘How To Become Immortal’? :joy:

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awww man I really loled at this one

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RIP woman crush wednesday (wcw). It was fun to do while it lasted

idk man I’ve always been great at writing. Honestly i could probably a screenwriter cause my writing skills are so sharp. half the time they’re just redoing old books and movies anyways lol. Respect the support

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there’s a secret formula to it if you look at it carefully.