If you want to grow in V2 check this [ IG: @ch_ph7 ]

Everyone who wants to dedicate seriously to V2 can follow me on Instagram ( @ch_ph7) and send me a DM to plan some interesting collaboration. I have great Ideas for V2. If you want to grow in V2 and have millions of followersFollow me and Let´s do it !! We will work for that !! :sunglasses:


Pd. Comment below where are you from !! :slight_smile:


No offence mate but following you wont exactly get us a milli followers. Its all about the content you produce


Hahaha of course! But the idea is to create a team, work together, promote each other…this way we increase the chances to achieve that goal, but creating great content is essential. Regards! :slight_smile:

it would be better if our content are similar… maybe ur comedic taste is a bit diff from mine… tho i am interested in collaboration WE SHALL SEE

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you’re right. But if you are interested, we can talk about it. :thinking: