If you love money heist you would have loved Denver’s laugh

If you loved the tv show money heist on Netflix you would have loved that weird funny Denver’s Laugh so here is a filter for it use it and laugh like Denver Filter link

How do you upload filters?

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Its made from Lens Studio app on mac or windows and then it gets uploaded from there but you have to make a creators account

anyone can be a creator or there is a process for being approved? Also, any fee required or free?

Its free and anyone can be…

Do you get paid? is there analytics that shows you how many people used the filter?

Yes sir :joy: it’s like once you get nice views on your lens you can send a creator form which is OLC and then you can become official creator where you will get paid from snapchat and work for them

What’s the percentage? how can I follow you or subscribe so I can get more updates?

I am in the process but you will get verified on snapchat with the star :star: and verified profile

Once you get verified will bump up your chances…for viewers and followers!

Yesssss it’s just like byte partner program but they call it OLC