If you have a YT Channel

Hey guys so I know it’s tough to get started on YT, especially with the new rules so I wanted to share a site I found. It’s called www.cobaltcameras.com and they have like tripods and stuff for super cheap. I got one of those bendy tripods for like $20 there. IDK you guys could check it out, I also heard some rumors they were gonna make a course, but that seems like a stretch. Anyway just thought I could share a resource :joy:


Dude, I got so nervous when I clicked this thread. I was going in thinking a sub4sub thing, but I was pleasantly surprised by something else entirely! I’m definitely gonna look into this site, now :stuck_out_tongue:


Is the website legit?

Really cool. Thanks for sharing!

it’s a shopify

That store looks scammy to me. The tripod advertised as “Gorrilla Pad Flexible Tripod” is not actually made by the company who makes the Gorilla brand tripods. Maybe that’s why “Gorrilla” is mispelled in the title. You can get that same tripod (made by Fosoto) for only $12.99 on Amazon, whereas your store is charging $28.98 for the same thing.

I’m guessing you’re somehow affiliated with that business and using this forum to promote it. But no way I’d trust buying anything from that store.


Thanks for the info!

I think so. I like their stuff mostly

wow, ok. that was rude. I was just trying to help out man. I found that site and wanted to share. sorry i guess…

But thanks for the heads up lol. If I’d know I could get that same tripod for half the price I would have, I just saw this store and it looked cool so I bought something from them. Maybe they are just a joke but idk my tripod works fine so it’s cool. I don’t know why you started attacking me tho…

How is it rude to point out that store is selling merchandise with false advertising at prices more than double what you can get elsewhere? It’s also strange there is no address, phone number or email contact for that business, and all the information about the domain is protected so you can’t find out who owns it. It smells like a scam outfit, sorry if that offends you.

Are you somehow affiliated with that store? If not, why so defensive?

Dude, chill out please. I don’t understand why you’re so mad. I literally posted about a site I found and thought was helpful. I guess I need to do a super in depth study to every single link I share ever. Maybe the site is a scam but why did you just assume I am affiliated with it? I was offended when you just said “Your store” like I did this to somebody. Why are you always attacking me?

I just use my iPad and stand it with the keyboard it’s connected to. It looks great and has been working great for me for over a year!

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Is your keyboard wired? I have only seen wireless apple keyboards but if that’s the case how do you stand it up?

I totally thought the same thing! I was thinking “this is probably clickbait to get more subs” but its legit!