If you could design V2, How Would You Do It..?

Comment below on how you’d design V2 if you could! cant wait to see what everyone says! make sure to share this post so we can get the most ideas possible :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


If I could, I’d design one page with original videos, and a separate page with old classic Vine references. Similar to the way the old Vine has it where you can “hide the revines” just to reduce the clutter when scrolling through a particular person’s videos.

Idk, iam not good with this kind of ideas

The old V was really good actually. It was simple, easy to use and understand, it looked really pretty. So probably I’d stay with the same principles.

that’s a really difficult one, but i’d probably just make a more refined design of v-ne lol

Same as @annsquake

I wouldn’t know a thing about designing an app but if I could it would be the same as @annsquake

The old design but with stories :+1:

pretty minimalistically. at least the app if not the website. everything would be hidden from sight and you could view the videos on a black screen with the artist’s name above it and you’d just have to swipe down to see more.

if you wanted more options there’d be a box in the top right corner that’d open up advanced options.

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I would keep it simple other than that idk :laughing:

Something super simple but eye catchy, light colors of course

The irredecent rainbow color as the back layout with a Black V