If we don't want byte to die so soon

So I’ve been scrolling through videos and posts and I’ve learned a couple things about Vine and about Byte. But one of the things that really interested me about the two was longevity. I really think in order for Byte to work we have to focus more on its creators because essentially, they’re the ones that are feeding the app. And let’s face it, an app is only as good as its content and the only thing that can generate good content are good creators. Byte’s initial success will be based on how many users and creators join. If you lose touch with your creators you’ll naturally lose touch with the users. Vine wouldn’t have died if it hadn’t lost its top creators so let’s hope the same doesn’t happen to Byte.

Also I already know this has probably been spoken about tons of times on here but I just wanted to personally stress this concern once more because I really care about Byte and I’m already getting visions of what it could be and it would be a shame to see this app go down the drain all because we lost some of our best future creators due to lack of communication. I plan to make some funny comedy skits on Byte so I really want this to work. Asides from that I really want Byte to be the talk of 2019 and I can’t wait to see what it brings.

Btw tell me what you think about this situation and also feel free to voice your other concerns.


Once I already discussed this and yeah, you’re right. We’re a crucial piece so that byte can succeed. Byte will help accomplish some dreams but we should also help the app by posting constantly and by doing the best we can. With that said, hope everyone tries out their best.


We all should stay in touch and collab too. We should all follow each other when byte releases, which would give us a kick start before it gets released to the public.

I fell like it won’t be a real problem, but we will see

I feel like byte is going to fill a hole and will suck many millions of users to the platform.

If we all can try and alert old v*ners we could be able to get a larger number of people on the platform.


i agree on this!

(i’ve changed this post from ideas & feature requests to general discussion as it fits it more)


yes sadly the reason :vine: died is because all the big creators left and took their following with them therefore it want making money so twitter killed it off.

i totally agree with @Insyde that we should inform old vin*rs we could tweet @ them or if their doing a q&a tell them.

but even if they do leave there is always room for new creators and if we get big and promise not to leave it should be good :blush::relieved:


Wholeheartedly agree on this. Vine had a huge influence on pop culture because of its creators and their hard work that they put on their content. As new Byte creators, we have to do the same with our content whether it’s comedy, music, skits etc in order to make it the next big app. :+1:t2:


Man, I love your enthusiasm for this. Dom’s stressed concerns about keeping connection with users and creators, which is actually one of the reasons why the forums exist! I’m pretty sure transparency with users and creators is one of his top priorities on this app, so we should be in good hands :grin:


Well, Twitter kinda killed it off before all the big creators left because they didn’t want to figure out how to make money

This is a really good idea. Maybe two days before the app launches or like a week we should make a usernames post where we can follow each other so that way we stay more connected. We’ll be the og Byters before it was Byte lol.

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