If We Add Duets (Duet Tree Concept)

I don’t know it this is confirmed yet, but if we do add Duets (and when we do add the ability to use other people’s audio) then we shouldn’t be able to see the list of videos by popularity. instead, we shouldn’t be able to see who uses which audio, and I have an idea if we do add duets

I am thinking we can have it display a “duet tree” that shows who had duetted which video, and how it branches off. For example if someone does a “Vape? No. Harmonica” (or something like that), and we look at the duets, we can say then say Dom did a duet on that video, and then maybe two people did a duet of Dom’s video. (i’ll upload an image of the concept if I ever have time) you should also be able to find a specific duet by username

The reason I think that should be the case, is because specific duets can be left out and ignored, making people lose their chance to grow from that video. I did a duet on tiktok, and someone else did the exact same thing and got more attention than me even though I was the first one to upload a duet.

what alternatives do you have? what else could we add to it? anything you guys would do different?

Update: Here is the Concept Image I was talking about: I just used a video that I “duetted” and the original version for this. I just took screenshots, but you would see a normal thumbnail instead of a phone display of course


i don’t have any thing to add on but yes duets i love the idea

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Yes! On tiktok people always complain about wanting to see all diets done to a specific video and this is a perfect way to do it


This would improve this 100%

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wait this is really cool, it also looks pretty easy to use

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couldn’t have said it any better

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I don’t care how it looks, but I also realized I forgot to add a user searcher which allows you to find a duet by a specific person. If it doesn’t look exactly like that, that’s fine, but i feel like it would be a good addition

ngl this sounds kind of cool. Defintely would make for cool vids since I like remxing vids into cool beats

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sounds perfect tbh. i love the idea

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if Dom likes this idea, I want to be an easter egg in the screen lol