If TikTok gets banned

I don’t want to get ahead of things because we don’t know if it will come to fruition, but if it does, and even as the possibility gets more probable, I think the byte community should assemble on social media to direct people to byte. (: Possibly get byte weaved into the conversation that is happening even now concerning tiktoks possible ban.

If you search “tiktok ban” tweets like this pop up:

I think people tweeting stuff like this should know about byte :eyes: (or about how byte has improved since they last used it)

p.s. I don’t mean we should flood people with tweets of course, that would have the opposite effect lol


This is a great opportunity for Byte to shine for sure.


Overall we should always be promoting but right now it’s an exceptionally good time to do so :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I think its time for the Byte team to actually market the app. There’s no better opportunity than now @dom @cami_p


I don’t really know if that’s the best idea actually. I say that because the United States might not even follow through with the ban.

Really the best thing we as a community can be doing is actively supporting the new people who come over here. Some of them may find that they like the fact that they’re receiving positive feedback here. And they might actually stay.

But if TT is in fact not taken down, they will slowly go back there just like they did when the app first released.

What the team needs to do more than anything is find a way to make sure the new people coming here feel as engaged and have as good of a time as possible.

That should be their focus right now. Because if we can prove during this unique window of growth that we can get them to actually stay when they do come here, that’s when you know the marketing will actually be effective in the long run. There is no sense paying to advertise something that people will not sick around and be a part of.

It’s going to take both the staff figuring out the algorithm and the categories, and us being engaging as possible. Maybe even reach out to promising creators to do a collab with or something.


Agree wholeheartedly. We’ve got a great community and we need to work on strengthening it. There are still a few glaring problems that, if we were to just advertise like crazy, it would just leave people feeling bitter.


I think people should be welcoming any new users and showing them around as best They can


Welcome? Sure. Actively encourage and try and “snipe” people, maybe not.

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All of this!

No platform or idea is bulletproof anymore.
The basic byte is solid, but we have to keep pushing for byte to continue to improve.
Between India & the potential US ban, there is a huge opportunity to have byte explode.

Let’s not misfire.


Who is actively sniping people? What?

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Sniping was not the word I meant to use here.
Stealing? Harassing to join byte? Idk.

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Snipe’s is good eatin’.



(I’m putting this here because the topic was closed.)

So Byte randomly got back on the charts in both Canada and the U.S. (maybe in other places too, I’m not too sure). I think I know why this is happening.

In the comments on some TikToks, I have seen people say something along the lines of ‘Download Byte on the App Store!’. People could be saying this because the U.S. might ban TikTok, and the app people should now download is byte. However, it could also just be people on byte spreading the word. What’s exciting about that is I’ve seen quite a few comments saying to download byte, so this could mean now many others have byte and want to spread the word! This could mean that byte is gaining popularity.

Also, I know TikTok probably won’t be banned.

The Byte community is so supportive, I’m glad they are all feeling welcomed. A lot of new users don’t know how to navigate the app, I almost feel like we need a quick start guide of something for the lads.


If everyone is coming here, can we up the 16 seconds soon then? :sweat_smile:

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will be an opportunity for Byte to shine.

They’re just bringing the TikTok war to Byte and just mess up everything.

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