If there’s a rebyte stigma out there.. lets kill it:

If you didn’t know already- I’m very PRO rebyting :joy::+1:t3:

I believe rebytes help Byte AND channels grow!
Follows are basically unlimited, so we aren’t ever in a competition for a limited supply!

Social Media is a positive sum game; EVERYBODY EATS :handshake::100: (Simon Sinek mindset)

Let us know what you think about rebyting / your opinion on it! :point_down:t3:


I respectfully disagree with your statement it doesn’t help byte/channel grow, it’s a way to boost up fake engagements… possibly you’ll receive a lot of likes & loop, but many won’t follow.

Shouldn’t force viewers to see the byte, it’s up to the viewers to discover the content creators. (e.g Organic way, spotlight, etc)

There needs to be a rebyte limit, and I agree with Dom implementing a new rule. I hate to see a bunch of rebyte spams on my feed. But shouldn’t be worried since it’ll be staggered over time so they don’t reach everyone automatically.

Yes, I used to do but I’m not being a hypothetical about it.

Hopefully the new algorithm boost the content creators that deserves! :rocket:


yea that’s gonna be a no from me


I know you mean well and want to see byte grow but this isn’t how you do it. I use to rebyte in the beginning because I was new and didn’t think about the long term effects. It hurts Byte because they’re not true engagements and it overshadows everything. If you genuinely like something then you should rebyte… that’s how true engagement growth works :blush:


I believe rebytes should be used in moderation. For smaller creators like me, rebytes are vital to getting our content out there. If rebytes didn’t exist, I doubt my “Cars are great” ditty would get as big as it is. And I see bigger creators using rebytes to boost smaller creators, which is great.
But at the same time, sometimes I see people either rebyting a lot in one burst where I barely see content from creators I follow or they rebyte all of a creator’s posts. That’s a bit of abuse of that function, in my opinion.


I believe rebytes should be used liberally in PROPER situations. Of course I like to endorse the people who I know better (weve been mutuals for a while or we know eachother IRL) but that doesnt mean I rebyte EVERY thing I see them do. It should be used whenever you want, when you see that the content and creator deserves it. You shouldnt just rebyte everything you see, but rebyting is a positive way to shine some good light on a creator who deserves it.
When it’s done every time, it could make YOUR followers upset and unfollow you, especially if for whatever reason they dont like that creators content. (Afterall, they’re following you, not them. And if theyve decided to not follow them after you rebyting them often, there must be a reason for that, yeah?)

That’s basically my minds eye on it. If you dont rebyte ANYONE, you probably should try it out to help one another out every so often. But if you’re rebyting someone/everyone you see or follow, you should probably tone it down a bit please :joy:.

Tl;dr basically I agree, rebytes are amazing and help a lot, but only when they’re not being abused.


Rebytes are great! As long as it’s people rebyting stuff they ACTUALLY liked and want other to see, if they rebyte only a couple things a day, and if they don’t rebyte only super popular stuff.

If you mean rebyte GROUPS… those have a stigma because they are bad. Period. They are a pathetic tool to cheat the system that only works for a few people in the group, and are full of people who are fake AF. They killed vine and would kill Byte on arrival if it wasn’t for Dom and the team working to mitigate the damage


People are always going to use rebytes in their own way, for good or for EVIL

I will LIKE Bytes that I enjoy, but I will only REBYTE content that is very similar to my own content style or sense of humour. It’s partly to add more content to my page and provide it to people following me, and also to grant more visibility to that creator. People will follow me for a reason, for a certain type of content, and I will continue to provide it through original uploads or through rebytes

-marketing student exeunt-


Jerid, I think that rebyting is an idea that I am rethinking for this reason. The number one goal of Byte from Dom’s perspective I believe would be to ensure that the App is long term sustainable and that seems tied to drawing in Ad dollars and I think ad dollars will follow creativity. That is why I think fleshing out what creativity is from the “Ad money” people is the most important thing to do. What do you think?

Then Byte becomes “Ad Money first, Creativity second”


If you need to ask people to rebyte your stuff to get attention, your videos are not funny.

Yes there is no limit of followers but if the popular page is full of unfunny content no one wants to use the app. That’s what happened in the first week of byte


You said … Then Byte becomes “Ad Money first, Creativity second” - It is interesting because with a “creativity” first but with “creativity” unclearly defined… it can lead to Andy Warhol defining of creativity:

Being good in business is the most fascinating kind of art. Making money is art and working is an art and good business is the best art. Andy Warhol. The “artist”.

Without a clearly defined definition of “creativity,” you get to call just about anything creative. I think leaving it unclear was a “Creative” move in and of itself. What do you think?

Think you’re thinking too deep, dawg. Just let people see something they haven’t seen before :blush:

What did you think of the question that I JUST asked as you shared this?

You’re looking into it too deep. “Creativity First” is a catchy slogan that doesn’t have to mean anything specific. People can make whatever they want

It’s also up to the advertisers what they are okay attaching their brand to. The platform as a whole or specific creators.

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