If India were to ban TikTok

What is the plan of action if TikTok is permanently banned in India? I’ve been reading a lot about this topic as of late, and believe it’s something we should bring up because it’s more than possible. I know Byte is not completely ready, but it is light years ahead of where we were when it first released. I think if we clear up some of the smaller bugs and touch up comments the app could be very nice to use. India produced 285 million downloads in the first 11 months of 2019 for Tiktok and currently has 120 million active users. If we took advantage of this time (last time it was banned for 2 weeks and cost Tiktok 15 million users. Hopefully it is longer this time around) we could produce a great viewership which would bring more users from other parts of the world as well. If we don’t, we’ll not only be competing with Tiktok, but also the platform Youtube will be launching by the end of 2020. With the addition of the new update, and the video I’ve seen within the App Store it looks like we’re in a good place.


hey apollo

I definitely agree with few points that you made. It will be an interesting year with getting TT banned in India there is another app called Rasso (I think). But, I personally think Byte isn’t competitor.

finally, yes byte is definitely performing well in the AppStore. But this could be a positive for byte later on once it’s available in India


I was thinking that since many people wrongly associate Byte with TikTok, I fear that when Byte will become available in India it could face criticism as a direct result of the backlash received by TikTok. Thoughts?


i’m waiting for byte to release in india!


What’s up Pac?

Yeah it’s a tough call, i’d say for now Lasso is our biggest competitor outside of TT (and that isn’t saying much) YouTube’s platform will definitely have an impact on our app however big or small, but if we beat it to India while TT is down, I believe we minimalize any impact it can have as we should have a great user base built

Also where you been my guy? haven’t heard much from ya since the Avatar binge!

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I don’t think we’ll get judged unfairly. Especially if this were to happen and India knew TT wasn’t available :smile: There would be tons of press about byte as V2 and a better alternative to TT

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Me too my guy! Excited for bytes potential

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Ye, we could have the lead once it’s officially ban and byte available in India. But I know there are a couple of apps that are similar TT coming later this year.

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