If I miss the next beta drop

Man I swear if I miss it again ima break a hole in my wall.:rofl::slightly_frowning_face:


Third time’s a charm

what did the wall do


Nah you got this !!!

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It’s not the end of the world. For your wall, it probably will be though.


It’s okay. Beta is likely gonna be different from the forum’s beta. It will probably be a focus to test for bugs and speed.

Also, keep in mind, a lot of people probably won’t get beta unless Dom chooses to have public beta like he did for the forums. Either way, don’t stress. You’re still here before the entire public knows about byte. Good luck!


RIP wall. Hope u don’t miss it for the sake of both u and ur wall :sweat_smile:

Just keep in mind the real thing will come out either way, before you break a hole in your wall (but I get what you mean​:laughing:) :wink:

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F in the chat for the wall :sob:


I did the first one and forgot so now I’m happy

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If I were you I would probably also break a hole in your wall.

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