If I Had A Quad Trillion dollars for christmas I would...?

What would you buy for christmas if you had Quad trillion dollars?

funding for third world countries so they can implement better irrigating systems so crops can grow and agriculture can flourish.


guys a bililion dollars is already a hella lot of money… thats like 999 million or

$999,000,000 THINK ABOUT IT.


whoops, id donate 999 trillion, then have a trillion left to spend on whatever i want


my kinda thinking xD .

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I’d buy my mom a vintage Mini Cooper lol

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donate a ton to charity, keep a little for myself.

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Donate to pewdiepie’s charity cause going on right now, no joke

but srlsy tho, i would

i would fix the afrodable housing problem is america by making a companyy that makes aforidable houses for ppl to have and they can stay warm and ppl wont be so poor bc their morgage would be so low thenn everyone can have fun


Very noble cause, definitely more altruistic than me. However, I feel when you amass that amount of wealth you’ll want to give back to some extent

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Sounds good to me

As long as that’s what she wants its all good😂 Like the profile pic. What made you choose it?

With that kind of money you could definitely do that. Like the dog profile pic. What made you choose it?

I understand where you’re coming from. Feel like with that kind of money, you could definitely do that

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the dog pfp is a recreation someone on reddit made for me from xbox 360, i loved the pfp back in the day and i love my dog aria so thats why i got it

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It’s my dog, and I adore her. She is the majority of my photo stream and I dress her up (which is super funny)

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i mean i guess. it’s a good investment as well, to contribute to a growing (economically) country, so not all too noble or altruistic.


Open a music shop!. And teach music as well as sell products and live my dream :innocent:


Well I have to say the profile pic of your dog looks adorable. Kind looks like a lab.

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Could definitely see dressing up your dog as funny :laughing: