Idk if anyone caught this

So dom recently made an announcment about the forum down time and also stated something very important. Dom stated that he is indeed paying money to keep the forums up so this does give us a possibility that he has far more progress with the app. Also his tweets (not the fake account) reinforces my theory. Due to all of this occuring around the same time i believe he is alot farther along in app development than we believe since hes been paying to keep the forums what do you guys think ~ Justin your friendly expert :smile:


Well, I think he knows people like the forums a lot. It’s (close to, roughly) his best way of communicating with his fans of the app. But yeah dude, I’m so hyped for what could come!!!


I thought Dom said he wasn’t going to give an update on the app until it was almost done and the forums are a great way to communicate.


I feel V2 will probably come out around Summer of next year… or Christmas. Would be awkward to drop V2 outside of those times so I’d expect it on a holiday. Now for when… who knows.