Ideas to promote byte

Hey guys.

I don’t really know how to word this cause I’m really not good at explaining stuff but feel free to drop any ideas you have to promote byte so we can make it well-known and get as many people on the app as possible.



One of the idea is a starting trend which we have already discussed about:

Honestly, I feel like a lot of users come from seeing content in other social medias. For example, if I saw a “byte” in Instagram or Twitter, I’d probably go download the app to find more, similar content.


I think that WE don’t have to do much so that it gets promoted. Just by hearing the fact that a new vine will be released people pay attention and lots of articles have been dropped talking about byte


Are you allowed to say something along the lines of “Vine is back!”

it’s already talked about on some news sites but people will definitely be on board when the app is officially released next year because right now its beta testing.

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Honestly just putting it on your own social media apps and promoting it will do wonders. You just have to be confident in your posts. It’ll grow like wildfire. Especially when new platforms are offered with different opportunities.

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Tbh how did the original vine get promoted?


I don’t know, i kind of have to disagree. I think that’s how apps and social platforms fail.

The reason why tik tok and did so well is because so many people were promoting their videos everywhere. That’s how vine became popular. I remember seeing people plaster their vine profiles on Instagram when it came out.

I think the biggest part of an app becoming successful is the people who use it, promote it. If I see a promotion on Snapchat about an app that’s trying to convince me to download it, but i don’t see my friends using it, I’m not going to download it lol. I see where you’re coming from though.


I’m not sure how the company advertised it themselves, but I definitely remember people posting it all on Instagram asking their friends to follow them

Once byte launches, I think a good strategy would be: everyone who comes from the forums to start creating their content. It’d be good to set the tone of how the byte environment should run. Then maybe post other people’s bits and promote them and say it’s from byte, or even just promote your profiles. I even saw someone say try stating “v2 is here” or “vine is back” but I think byte should be said, so people know what’s up loll

Yep I agree that’s one way of getting it out there

continue the hashtag on twitter until its release!

Analyzing your opinion, I have to say that you’re right. We play an important role but social media WILL do a big job. The fact that you tubers, and important news corporations talk about it makes the job easier.

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I’m not sure but I think that when twitter bought it, it started promoting in bigger and bigger ways vi*e

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So true and you bring up some great points. The more that I think about it, the more I can see that byte does get a head start from other people talking about it and making articles about it. We just have to make sure we show our support as well <3

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We definitely need to all post about it or something. I will definitely post on my Instagram profile, which should get at least a couple of hundred downloads for it

Goood bro