Ideas/Suggestions list for Byte (Updated)

Here’s some preliminary ideas I have, not all are good, but dumping them anyways. Will probably end up revisiting this.

  • An archive folder for past limited time events, and a second folder for past featured hashtags (if they remain a thing). Each folder containing all the ended categories and “locked” so that nobody can post to it anymore, just watch. Then give sorting options of popular & random.

  • Some sort of submission buffer on limited events (if they remain a thing). Something like a 24 hour time period where the category is random like the new & trending tab, or even completely hide the bytes until the buffer time ends for one big release. This incentivises creators to think about and digest the new topic, and as a result make more awesome bytes.

  • Ability to scroll down @ suggestion list to view comments without deleting/finishing the @ suggestion.

  • Fix @ suggestions to work with suggesting usernames with _ or . in them (doesn’t work in comments).

  • Allow grid view on following feed

  • Put title/username on grid view videos

  • Allow mini playing (maybe hold down) of grid videos, and liking (double tap). Only allow one video playing at a time, clicking a new one will stop the previous.

  • Swipe right on following to open your list of who you’re following, in order by most recent video you haven’t watched, then by most recent video in general. Have a notification number for how many new videos they have since last visiting, and a clear notifs / clear all function. Let the name link to their profile for easy access. And swipe left brings you back to following feed.

  • Some sort of hashtag or keyword search.

  • Some way to sample byte beats without having to wait for it to load to your specific byte, which takes 10 or so seconds per transition for me at least.

  • Byte beats sorting: popular, by author, by genre/mood, by search, by new (current), etc.

  • Option to have byte beats as background music without deleting the existing audio for a byte. Maybe some slider for volume.

  • Sorting options for spotlight (like random).

  • Descriptions on categories (like profiles have) to explain what they are. Would be nice for limited events, spotlight, popular, new & trending, latest, and each individual category just to clarify for new users or those who are confused.

  • Make username @ in profiles clickable.


I like this one a lot - some people I follow spam a lot and I don’t want to unfollow them and still want to see their stuff without having it clog up my feed.

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he isn’t byte staff

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Imma bump this since it was updated

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Sorry for not replying for a while, so here come all the replies lol

@Pac I like the idea, ill reply with some more points on the original thread (link to the thread if anyone else is interested)

@SymphonicRon I wasn’t the BIGGEST vine user back then, so I dont remember much of the song feature. Although, I do think it’d be nice to be able to find what beat is being used in a video and would also give the creator of the beat some recognition. This kinda builds into something I’ve been thinking about and might make a thread later on about, but the use of music etc in the app. Until then, I think people would love to see this feature

@anon99280649 There is an option to see what videos someone has rebytes, but you have to click the 3 dots to see it, so maybe adding a rebyte ‘tab’ (and maybe pairing this with pacs idea above about the collab tab) so people can just swipe between the persons own videos, rebytes, and then collabs/things they were tagged in
I do have the idea of private bytes in the list already. the only reading i added a question mark after ‘unlisted’ is because im not sure who exactly you want to unlist videos to. If you wanted to show someone a video, you could simple download it and send it to em since they’re pretty short. But maybe when DMs become a thing, unlisted videos could work
Love the idea of seeing videos attached to a beat, that pairs well with Rons idea right above yours, and I plan on making another thread soon about this. I’ll try to include parts about better organization of the beats.

@NicholasJunior I’m not staff so I wouldnt know. The notification bell is not on the app yet, but maybe the staff will add it in the future (has not been confirmed or denied)

@richb If I’m understanding correctly, would it be similar to twitch? How you can write anything (for example “Playing games with fans today”) in your title? If the live feature gets added (and there have been many threads about if it should/shouldnt be added), but IF it is added, this would be something nice to accompany it.

thanks for sharing yall! now onto the HUGE comment below lol


@maukamauka WOAH there bud lol.

  • Love the idea of an archive. Maybe two separate folders would be too much, but one ‘archived events and hashtags’ folder might work out.
  • It would be cool to have a bunch of videos upload at once, but I think the biggest part of trends and events is that people are posting throughout the limited time. That way, their followers see it and might make a video on it, and that could start a chain. I feel like if there was a buffer, people wouldnt find out about it until the mass videos came out. Although, like we have the limited events, maybe there can be a limited ‘buffer’ event once which holds the videos for 24 hours or something
  • Scrolling down the suggestion list might be cool, but isnt too bad to either delete or finish the suggestion. I feel like it’d add a level of complexity to program that in
  • I made a report of this as a bug so it can be fixed sooner
  • IDK how I feel about the grid idea. It could be nice to test it with beta testers to see how it goes :eyes:
    Edit: Now that I think about it, a grid feature for just the following tab (and not your mix) might actually be good. Who knows, maybe it could work out in categories and stuff as well
  • Right now, swiping right to left on the following feed takes you to the ‘your mix’ feed, but I like the idea of being able to swipe left to right to pop out a lil tab with notifications of new videos. but maybe that’d take away from the simplicity of the app
  • They’re working on that, but I’ll add it to the list since I forgot that
  • Yesss! I’ll add the beat suggestions to the beats/music thread I want to make soon (if you dont mind)
  • I was thinking about this, and since videos are constantly being added, you MIGHT end up finding videos you’ve already seen in spotlight, but who knows, it could work out.
  • YES big fan of this, when you click it, instead of the video being the VERY top thing, it has the name, the icon and a little description, then the videos start right under that
  • Do you mean in bios or …

and thanks for the bump @Acadrien :))


thank you. much appreciation for the larger font in-app. the new update made it a bit easier to see!

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I have a few suggestions for Byte that would make it more complete and modern.

  • 2-Step Verification, by text, an authentication code from an app (Google Authenticator, Authy, etc), or biometric login (fingerprint, facial recognition, etc)
  • More granular notifications, such as when someone you follow posts
  • Business/brand accounts with direct buttons for contact info, email, etc
  • One profile link to link of your choosing
  • Geolocated bytes/location tags (think PokeStops) with maps link, this could help small businesses a ton :smile:
  • I know I’m a nerd, but any IFTTT support in any way imaginable would be very awesome :nerd_face:

And finally, one big suggestion is what I call Byte Nibbles (named after nibbles/nybles in computer programming. Nibbles represent half-bytes). Nibbles are QR codes like Snap Codes or IG Name Tags, but customizable to what content you want to post. There are two types of Nibbles; content nibbles and account nibbles. Content nibbles celebrate the vibrant, creative bytes that this wonderful community makes by linking directly to a byte, with a square screencap/thumbnail from the first frame of the byte. Account nibbles are more like Snapcodes, which link directly to the creator’s account, and have a circular profile pic in the middle. Just food for thought!


I like account nibbles

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I have never used twitch before, so I’m not sure if it’s on there lol! But, I think you have the right idea. Like for example when I’m getting ready to go live I could make the subject of my live “Details about my upcoming single” and then when my followers get the notification that I’m going to go live then they would also see that subject. If the creator doesn’t put a subject, but wants to go live then they could just not type in a subject, but their followers would still get notified that the creator is going live. I was thinking that the subject could be an optional thing. Obviously this isn’t a big deal, but I think that it’d be a cool feature to have. :slight_smile: :blush:


These are all things I would LOVE.


100 likes weewwwww!!
Thanks for sharing your thoughts yall. Hope we start seeing them on the app in the near future

  • I think additional security is always nice and I may be remembering incorrectly but there was talk about 2 step verification, etc before. So maybe the team will introduce it in the future
  • I have a thread about adding some different types of notifications which could be useful
  • I think for now the team wants to focus on individual users and worry about the business and brand accounts later, but this would be a great feature to have in the future
  • yesss we need clickable links. I think it should be more than one tbh, but maybe it can be one button on your profile that opens up a box with all the different links the person has
  • Not too familiar with IFTTT or geolocated stuff, so i’ll leave that for everyone else to read lol

LOVE the nibbles idea, would make sharing bytes a lil easier in some cases.

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I think something that has become standard on many social media apps is organizing comment sections by threads. I think it would be easier to navigate comment sections if replies to a comment started a new thread. Also I think there should be a like button for comments, both as an easy was to show someone you saw their comment and potentially to bump comments higher in the comment section. Hope these ideas aren’t repeats :+1:


I have these suggestions up in the list but the team has said they want to work on more video features before these, but it would be nice to see a more organized comments section

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I’m not sure if this has been mentioned but it’d honestly be so cool if we could edit captions after we post cuz sormtimes I misspell, and immediate pauses on byte videos instead of holding down for a few seconds! Sometimes people put in quick things in their videos and I miss it every time lol


oop, so I had this idea in the list before I updated and forgot to add it back. I was trying to rewrite or think of a way that captions can only be edited a couple minutes after the post. cause sometimes we forget to put a hashtag or something.

It could be misused maybe if someone posts a video, gets a bunch of likes and stuff, and then they end up changing the caption, adding new hashtags for more views, etc.

So I guess Ill add that idea but with a time limit. Thanks for reminded me haha


This may be an unpopular opinion but…I kinda enjoy not having a ‘like comment’ feature…I think it encourages more communication (and consequently, more bonding) because to acknowledge the comment you have to actually communicate.

Someone comments: “You should do a part 2”
[I could just like the comment, or respond with:]
“Haha totally agree! Working on it!”

Which one increases bonding?



( ˘ ³˘):heart:

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