Ideas of updates

  1. A rebyte button next to or below the post. between comment and like and with the number visible

  2. A rebyte button in the “Filter by” tab

  3. Categorizing the user profile. Because users share videos in different categories and we may want to view a user’s videos in only one category.

  4. I think Clear Cache is not working. Therefore, I periodically delete Byte and reload it.

  5. We cannot rebyte our own videos. We can enable others to see a video we shared in the past. We can enable us to rebyte our own videos.

  6. Vine-like trends can be brought back. This has already been talked about.

You can share any updates you want to come under this post. I will continue to research the features that will work for Byte and share them under this post.

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so at one point dom said the rebyte button was a powerful action and it does a lot for the video so its hidden


That’s smart

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  1. A sort button can be introduced for videos in the user profile. Just like “new” and “popular” on channels.
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  1. It would be nice to have the “rotate video” feature to better watch some videos

  2. The video trimming feature can be improved a little more. Sometimes even split seconds are very
    important. There is also a problem that videos start with a black screen. I would appreciate if breaking the beginning of the video was a little easier.

  3. When shooting video, there may be a distinctive line between video parts. There is an separator when erasing, but not when shooting the video. Since we do not shoot the videos at once, the video parts must be determined separately.

  1. “new and trending” can be in the form of a list. Or it can be in the style of a Top15. It takes time to view individual videos. If the Trends part is improved this will make Byte attractive. List section can be daily-weekly-monthly bests. In other words, there should be daily, weekly and monthly options in trends. The videos on the list should appear sequentially and comfortably.

Oooo I like this one

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