Ideas list on standby

I know a lot of people have spontaneous ideas and write them down to use in a video once the app gets going. I’ve even heard some people still have video ideas from the original vine days, but I’m just starting my list now :grimacing: How long have you been writing your ideas down for (if you do)? If you haven’t been, do you want to?

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Started one today, have about 20 ideas so far

I have 15 ideas and i start to write the 15 of January, Approximately

I believe there are already a few topics like this. You could check those. They have a decent amount of responses

Don’t worry I haven’t even started my list :joy::joy::joy:

Started a list about a month ago. Have 40 something ideas so far. I’m pretty picky/OCD about that kind of stuff. Mainly when it comes to the lines and the title

Omg that’s a lot of ideas :exclamation:

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It’s good to have a list going into the app for sure! You have until Summer 2018 to think of plenty so no harm in starting now!