Ideas in the perspective of a Content Creator

Heres just a quick list of ideas that I’ve been storming up that would benefit Content Creators and keep V2 running.

  • Ads. This is pretty important. There shouldn’t ever be video ads. Not on this type of platform. Ads should occur uncommonly and show up instead of a vine space. Do not let content creators have a hold on the advertisement system. They cannot advertise themselves.

  • Stories. I know it sounds like a Snapchat rip-off, but hear me out. It lets Content Creators be able to post something more casual that only lasts for a limited time so they can connect with their audience.

  • Short AND Long video categories. Upon entering the app you can choose the section that hosts longer videos and this would directly compete with YouTube. This keeps the community all on one app while allowing content creators to have a wider amount of options to carry out their projects.

  • Live Broadcasts and Groupchats. Live broadcasts allow the content creator to react and communicate directly to their audience. A groupchat that would allow the Leader’s messages to be more prominent among the fans would also work.

  • Direct Messages. Of Course.

I’ll probably add more to this when I’m not completely blazed.

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I don’t wanna see long video on v2. keep it being short.

live broadcasts should be a no go as well. otherwise, it seems like it’d just be a YouTube rip off.


I think instead of stories maybe it would be better if creators could post a text post which would be pinned on their profile so that they can announce stuff etc…