Ideas for v2

*being able to search for video titles.

  • an option for longer videos
  • being able to watermark videos, edit and even download them.
  • a rank, earned by likes, followers and views.
    *filters, and some meme stuff…
    Please let these become features!
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Can some other people notice my ideas please if you like it or think it’s interesting please share I will be very thankful

I was just about to open your thread. Check other threads, they have similar posts but more replies to 'em

i believe a couple of these things have been discussed, (i wish i could give you the topic links) use them if you could please :slight_smile:


How did you close my own thread???

He didn’t. It’s just there are multiple threads in which the topic you presented has been discussed. But /closed is Something Dom to see to close the thread.

i didn’t, i suggested for it to be closed.

we have numerous threads about all of these, you can comment freely on them as you wish

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I like your ideas, and a localization category would be cool too

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Oh ok sorry I’m just new to the whole forums thing :heart:

no worries my friend, be sure to read through pinned topics; might give you a good kickstart :slight_smile:


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