Ideas for the final name?

We currently call the app “v2” but it’s been suggested that that’s just a placeholder. So what do you guys think the final app should really be called?

Bonus points: What do you think it will end up being called, no matter what your personal preference is?

Personally, I would love for the app to be called “Loop” but it’ll probably be called something else entirely.

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I’m not really good at coming up with names, but I wish I was

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I’m actually totally fine with it being called v2. “v2ers” doesn’t roll off the tongue like Youtubers or V*ners, but I guess it’s fine. Although Loop also sounds great


I want it to be called “Grape,” because with this format you constantly end up just going down the grapevine :laughing:


I know, I know, I have a superior sense of comedy, no need to thank me for using my mind for good instead of evil


Version 2? hahaha its very original the name “Loop”

It’s gonna be called V2. Dom has already said that. I couldn’t find the quote, but yeah. It’s V2


Tbh I like v2 it has a nice catch to it

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Vyne because why not?


Ahh. There it is. Thank you. I searched “Dom V2” and was wondering where it was. Thank you so much. :joy::joy::joy::joy:


‘App with 6 second videos’ it’s very catchy


Yeah. v2 I can live with. Its not bad

If dom can get the rights back (highly unlikely) hopefully we can just call it V*ne.

I think he’s still implied that its just a placeholder tho…


Let’s be honest, “v2ers” is a terrible name for The Aesthetic.


v2 is fine, I guess, but I did like that Grape idea @Cableson mentioned above, haha. v2’ers might not roll off the tongue as nicely as Vners or Yut*bers do, but does that matter?


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Calling each other loopers sounds cool :thinking:, I would like that to be the name of he app but it’s probably taken already :laughing:. I’ve always wondered why Vine was called that, so I looked it up and apparently Dom came up with it as it was short for vignette ,which is defined as “a short impressionistic scene.”, so something in that general idea can be good.
Like Vinet :smirk_cat: …or if I use my imagination:
A synonym of Vignette is sketch, Artist use sketches all the time so I thought “How about a something short for Portrait?” A portrait is a representation of a person, depict is a synonym of represent. Let’s call it Depict, get it? we’ll be depicters. No? okay I’ll get back to work before I get fired :sweat_smile:


Omg yes!!!

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Not sure but not too keen on the name v2.