Ideas for badges/achievements

Dom mentioned on another post that there would possibly be a badges system in place for v2, so I had a few ideas for what the rewards/badges would be
Also, I know that Dom said that v2 won’t exactly be vine, but I’m not sure if it will have photos and videos, so I will just refer to what people upload as ‘vines’.

Milestone rewards/badges:

‘Top Artist April 2018’ - Awarded to the top 10-20 artists on the platform in April of 2018/another date.
‘Created 50 vines’ - Awarded once the artist has created and uploaded 50 vines.
‘Created 100 vines’ - Awarded once the artist has created and uploaded 100 vines.
‘Created 500 vines’ - Awarded once the artist has created and uploaded 100 vines.
Created 1,000 vines’ - Awarded once the artist has created and uploaded 1,000 vines.
‘Vine Enthusiast’ - Awarded once the artist has over 500 overall video loops.
‘Vine Climber’ - Awarded once the artist has over 800 overall video loops.
‘Vine Artist’ - Awarded once the artist has over 1,5000 overall video loops.
‘Popping Artist’ - Awarded if the artist has been featured on the ‘trending’ page (not sure if it has a name yet/if it will be implemented).
‘Comeback Artist’ - Awarded if the artist’s video(s) have been revined/reposted over 50 times.
‘Influencer’ - Awarded if the artist has over 5,000 followers.

‘Fun’ rewards/badges:

‘Christmas Artist’ - Awarded once the artist has created and uploaded over 10 vines during December 21st - 26th.
‘Easter Bunny’ - Awarded once the artist has created and uploaded over 10 vines during March 29th - April 2nd.
‘Veteran’ - Awarded if the artist has been on the platform for over 1 year.

I understand that some people didn’t want there to be a leaderboard. I want a leaderboard since I think it’d make the app more interesting and push artists to do the best they possibly can. Also, I think that it’s important for a social media platform to have those ‘stand-outs’. Almost every social media platform has those few people/group of people that are known for being on the app. For example Jake and Logan Paul, even thought they were on vine, they’re mostly known for youtube now. You hear Logan Paul’s name, and you think of youtube. Just like how with vine, you heard ‘Lele Pons’ and you’d instantly think of Vine. They’re almost like trademarks for the platform. Whenever Lele Pons went onto a well-known news network for an interview, they’d talk a lot about vine - people that may not know of the app may have heard her talking about it and they’ll decide to explore. I created these badges just incase there is a badge system and just to share my ideas, but yeah, I am in favour of there being a leaderboard/some sort of ranking chart.


Oh man, i liked so much your idea for rewards :ok_hand:t3:

The badges you’ve proposed sound great! My only concern with the leaderboard is how it would turn out when users or artists get too competitive or carried away with their content. I am confident it won’t get out of hand, but I feel like the leaderboard idea will need more thought.

*look at this thread (as well as its sub-threads) to share your ideas, we welcome them! :blush:

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I like your idea, it was talked before.

Also, could you remove the word vine from it?

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You could have something like this aswell where every year they get a new badge for how many years they have or there could be a little number next to there name saying how many years they’ve been a member for?

2 Year Veteran’ - Awarded if the artist has been on the platform for over 2 years.

And maybe there could also be a badge showcase place which you can either have on private or public and you can also have one badge that sticks next to your name? Like a favourte badge kinda thing?

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This would be nice! I wonder if it’s asking too much to keep the types/number of badges confidential to promote quality instead of quantity

I do love this idea. It gives people reasons to upload, and have fun with their videos!

But then again people could just abuse it and upload spam videos till they have 1,000 of them

They will… But that’s on them. I rather quality over quantity.

yea I suppose so but then people could just bot upload 1,000 videos, delete all the videos and sell the account for like £40/$ because it has the badge and make profit from just spamming videos. ( the only way to prevent it would to make the badge ugly/not worth it but then what is the point of even having the badge :confused:) so it gets confusing :joy:

I don’t think that’s how it works. Badges are like cosmetics for the profile, they don’t mean much. Unless you gain something from it. Like here on the forum. With badges you, we are all the same. The only thing that separate us all are the leader board and the trust levels.

On V2 it will be the followers. Not badges.

I guess but time will tell :wink:

what if there are spam accounts

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Agree re: the likelihood of people spending twenty minutes posting various shots of the floor and the ceiling to rack up their 1000 Clips badge. Personally, I think you’d be better off having badges reflecting number of loops, and they’d need much higher thresholds -

Bronze if you rack up 100,000 loops
Silver if you rack up half a million loops
Gold if you rack up a million loops
Platinum if you rack up ten million loops

And then, presumably, a Diamond for a hundred million.

Furthermore, each of these badges should get deleted from your profile when you get the next one - so when you hit half a million loops, your Bronze badge is replaced by the Silver badge.

I’d like to clear up: The badges aren’t an incredibly special thing. They wouldn’t be worthy enough to sell so spam accounts aren’t an issue. And even if there are spam accounts, people won’t really know about them since they aren’t uploading quality content to get featured anywhere. Only way people would find them is by searching their username. I also must admit, I do like the idea of the thresholds being much higher, I only set them so low since the app isn’t even out yet.

It would be cool if there was a badge for being there for the first week of the app because thats one you cant work to get and it will be a special thing for the people on the forums.


I think badges can be an important way of marking whether an account is worth following, or is a “big name”, but for them to mean anything, there has to be meaning behind each badge, with a sense of having earned them.

My suggestion: five categories of badges, with five spaces on a profile that display them:

Loops - levelling up from Bronze to Platinum, etc, with the name of the level underneath
Followers - levelling up from Bronze to Platinum, etc, with the name of the level underneath
Top Artist or Featured - and underneath, the most recent month they were featured;
On V2 Since - like the Veteran badge suggested by @Tyrellv2, with everyone there on Day One/Week One (or everyone coming from this forum before a certain date) getting a Launch Badge like @camdyn suggested, and everyone outside of that launch window getting their “One Year”, “Two Years” etc badge with time - and, in fact, I reckon give everyone who’s giving their time in the beta a Beta Tester badge in this slot, since they’re there before launch! Underneath each badge, it says “beta tester”, “launch”, “one year”, etc.
Style - the fifth slot - lets everyone choose a badge which reflects what they want to do on Vine and who they want to be. Perhaps you give yourself the Art badge, or the Comedy badge, or the Music badge, Sport, Style, News, Weird, etc. The difference with this fifth badge is that it’s clickable. So if you like an artist’s music, you can click their Music badge. If you like their art, click their Art badge. If they’re funny, click their Comedy badge. This can additionally feed into recommendations for other users - people scoring well from other users in each category may be more likely to show up in searches for that category. Underneath this badge is a counter with the number of times it’s been clicked. It’s a way of giving kudos to a user without necessarily following them.
(Note: If a user switches their Style badge - say, from Comedy to Music - their Comedy badge would be hidden, but would retain the number of times it was clicked; the Music badge replacing it would start with 0. Switching it back to Comedy hides the Music badge and the number of times the Music badge was clicked, and restores the Comedy badge, along with the number of times the Comedy badge has been clicked.)

Each of these badge slots level up, so if you go to a profile and see that a user has, say, a million followers badge, but no other badges, you could reasonably deduce that they’re not actually using the app. If they only have a “ten million loops” badge, and nothing else, you’d be able to tell they maybe had one clip go viral.

By limiting it to five badge slots, we can keep the design consistent, and prevent cluttering up the profile screen too much.

That’s just my thoughts though! 🤷