Ideas, And ways to make them

Ideas for bytes are hard to come up with, so here are three ways to come up with them:

  • List out topics and themes and see what you think of then expand on that idea

  • Thinks of times in your life and turn that into a joke (easy for my, my life is one.)

  • Sit on the toilet, the bathroom makes ideas

After making these into ideas you may want to:

  • Procrastinate on making videos

  • Make one

  • Hate it

  • Procrastinate on redoing it

Hopefully you all make some good bytes, I’d love to see some before the app


Omg the procrastination part is a mood. I feel that :expressionless:

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I’m gonna do the whole 2011 random is funny thing xx

:ok_hand:t2: Funny lol XD

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loud and random is funny

A lot of the ideas I come up with are when I’m pooping or in the shower. And yes I feel you with the procrastinating

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for me i get ideas when im just doing random stuff

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you speak the truth

Lol this is great advice