Idea: Native Watermark Feature

I’ve noticed how none of the original Vines had watermarks on them, and after being recycled over and over in Vine compilations, the creators really never got credit for what they made.

I’ve been working on the idea of a native watermark adding feature, where in the final stages of posting your video, you can add a watermark to it to prevent stealing or use without permission.

Here’s my basic idea of how it could work-related

  1. For the first time you make a video, a callout could show an ‘Add Watermark’ button, where clicking it automatically adds small text to the video.

  2. From there, you could resize the text using hadles, change the color, or adjust the opacity. There could also be a small monochromatic logo next to the text, so you can recognize from YouTube or other places where the video’s from.

  3. Change between white or black text and adjust the opacity with a slider from, say, 10-70%. This would prevent super aggressive and obnoxious watermarks. (cough tiktok cough)

By default, the app could save the non watermarked and watermarked version to your camera roll, for whatever reasons you want.

Please add your ideas or thoughts to this! I think this could be a welcomed feature with some work. I have my PSAT coming up tomorrow so I can’t do much now, but tomorrow afternoon I’ll try to add some mockups of how this could all look.


:raised_hands:t2: yes, yes and yes


I love this idea! It would be very helpful for creators! :smile:


Very good idea!



This is genius!


Watermarks would be awesome!
Expanding on your point number 3, I think they shouldn’t be able to exceed a specific size since people could purposefully make their watermarks large and obnoxious! Or even on accident!

I really like the personalized watermark though, it would give the artist the credit they deserve!


This deserves to be an feature I hope dom will work on that later in the future


A watermark feature is a great idea. There’s so many old vines that I don’t know the creator of and I would’ve loved to of known who they were


great idea, if compilations or remixes were a part of the app, each original watermark could link back the source, too. Sort of like Twitter Moments, where you could gather multiple user’s videos into one to tell a story from more perspectives for an event.

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a really great idea! i deffo think it’s needed

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wow I never thought about that! what a good idea!!


I really like this idea. This problem is literally exactly what is already occurring on the fake v2 app. There is almost no original content and people literally keep posting other people’s vids and old vines pretending like it is theirs.

Compilations channel will cut out or cover your watermark no matter what.
The point of not saying who is making the content is to create the illusion that it’s you, so that when people “think quality vine”, they’re thinking “compilation457” & not “brandon calvillo & chloe lmao & things & that”.
It’s really easy to do once you diversify enough, just never post the same artist twice & people would just asume it’s ok.
That’s the system on what 9gag & many of it’s clones leans on.
Worst 9gag even put it’s watermark on other people work & then people say the art piece they saw was from 9gag.
It’s a very deep problem of the internet, a watermak would clearly help, but big pages will steal your shit anyway and no creator alone has the power to take them down.
Creators like Narmak (If Spongebob was a anime) & many animators actually, are getting the content they work litteral MONTHS on stolen & can’t do much about it, because once one page steals it, many other will & they will all blame each others & play dumb until your buzz is done, then they might make it right but they don’t need your post anyway & will for sure steal again.
(I got some of my tweet stolen, it just had 4k rt & was posted on a 1 million likes fb without my permission or anything, & smaller pages that also stole from me were the one that actually told they found it on the big page lmao. That was fun, they didn’t cut out my name tho, but I didn’t get any followers from it because facebook peoople don’t care about facebook, so what’s the difference really?)

It’s more of a morality problem, than just a format problem, they know where the videos are coming from they just don’t want to tell so the attention stays on them.
Social Medias are build on that to a degree, like I see many people saying youtube is good, or twitter is funny etc, wrong, the CREATORS on those site are talented, the site themselves don’t do anything but push the creator a little bit, that’s not enough to claim it as your own at all.
Guess I could say the same thing about vine too.

But anyway to fix this problem in my opinion :
-Make ethical alternative, like dorkly or buzzfeed are paying the artist for exemple.
-boycott 9gags etc

  • and we have to punish one of them as a exemple & people will stop I think.
    Like if I won the lottery I would sue the fuck out of 9gag like destroy them one by one & jail & stuff without any hesitation. I’ll even buy the company, shut it down and give all the profit to artist that they have profited of.
    Would be nice.
    But until that a watermark is fine I guess.

yeah it’s super anoying but once you block everyone who does that it’s nicer, empty, but nicer

it wont be taken out if the watermark is placed somehwere in the centre of the video, i truly would love to see this watermark feature added

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they could just put they own watermark over it.
And it’s super anoying in the middle

people would try finding a different copy of it just to get rid of the annoying cover up watermark in the middle

:purple_heart: definitely