Idea Name for V2

This is just for fun, it’s a suggestion, please don’t take it too seriously!

Hi Guys!

I decided on a cool name (i’m more in awe of the logo itself, the name can change) but what about “Everlast”?

Here is the logo I made so you have some type of idea:

If you see the logo on the side, the arrow loops into a die showing the number 6 (you could also put the number 6 which seems cleaner in the other colours)

Everlast (shortened from everlasting) simply means forever lasting, a synonym for a loop. At least by using a name like this, we can stick to what Dom asked for by referring to users of the app as creators/artists. In terms of what features could be called, you could call them loops, refreshing could be called “Rolling…” (because of the dice logo) Repost can simply be called reposting or if you want to incorporate the name it could be rrelast but I think it’s better to just leave it as like, repost, share etc.


Even if the name isn’t too catchy, the logo fits V2 perfectly. What do you think?
Also I just remembered there is a brand under Everlast so i’m more focused on the arrow-dice logo


Go ahead and mention your post on here Name ideas other than V2 with the link to it so it gets included into the conversation :smiley:


oh I like it!


This is good! I love the concept and the logo :smile: Post it up!

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Just did it but it’s all the way down the bottom of the conversation because the link isn’t popular but thanks!


Thank you!!

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always stick with the minty green

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Yeah, those are just the custom colours

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Sorry friend, Everlast is a registered and very famous brand


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Yeah I completely forgot about that but as stated i’m more about the logo

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