[IDEA] Multiple beta invite waves

Knowing that the app is launching globally in summer,the beta should start pretty soon. My questions is will there be multiple invite waves or just one ?
In my opinion inviting more members into beta each week/month sounds like a better option.


could probably work

Tbh I don’t mind whatever way Dom does it but I just want to be able to be part of the beta testing.


Like the idea, it depends on how it would affect Dom receiving any issues or bugs in the app reported from beta testers.

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I’m sure @dom will soon let us know his plans as the summer months are soon approaching ;))

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Sound like a great suggestion

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My insight on this


Me too! fingers crossed

Multiple would be cool cuz I’m sure if there was just one beta release all the beta testers would get bored of seeing one another’s videos

I dont know, it will be a quite difficult to control the people if Dom invite persons every week

I think there should be waves of beta invitations. That way Dom can receive feedback each stage of the beta but not enough to flutter his email with the same problem.

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I would think he would do it in stages as some of the people above suggested but nobody can know for sure, here’s a topic he commented on, though:


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I think that could definitely work. Like invite those that are SUPER app savvy in the beginning and as they work out more and more bugs invite people that are closer to your average consumer/creator.