Idea: let forum usernames carry over to v2

Please I want this username


idk man…

Dom has already said that we will not be able to reserve these usernames for the new app.


:frowning:️:frowning:️ I really want to stay as chabe

Well… Then when the app releases I’ll try to be fast

u wanna be realdonaldtrump? :joy::joy:

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Who doesnt?

Seriously tho, the guy is loaded

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I imagine it’s not gonna work like that, not trying to be negative in anyway… but I don’t think it’ll carry over… I think it gonna be like a first come first serve type thing.

My username is my freaking first name. YES I WANT TO KEEP IT

ok guys he has clearly said that “its likely that both the beta enrollment program and username reservation systems will utilize this forum in some capacity” so chill out. even though its not a guaranteed thing, its probably going to happen. we will all probably be able to keep our usernames.

I don’t mean to be salty but it’s just that he wants to be able to let us reserve usernames and has told us that. He just can’t 100% confirm that it’s going to happen. like he said, he will update us with time. so just be patient.


That’d make me stoked if they roll over